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Hang Be Market
Hang Be Market is known as a rich market in the heart of the old town, because the prices here are always more expensive than other markets in the town. But “expensive”, the food and drinks here are all the best.

Hang Be Market is a famous market that has been attached to the people of ’s Old Quarter for generations.

Although it has never been built solidly, but only consists of rows of rudimentary shacks, sidewalk shops or small stalls on both sides of the road, Hang Be market still has such a unique attraction that many people do not live in the old town but trot. “addicted” to the food here, not visiting Hang Be market once a week is unbearable.
Since about 2000, the market has been famous for its ready-to-eat food service for busy people who don’t have much time to cook. It can be said that Hang Be market is the first and most famous prepared food market in Hanoi.
In 2010, Hang Be market was cleared and moved to Vong Ha street to improve the appearance of the old town.

Hang Be Market now only has small stalls on both sides of Gia Ngu and Cau Go alleys, no longer as vibrant as before, but the unique features of the bouncing old town market are still preserved with multi-purpose items. variety, delicious, especially the service of selling ready-to-eat food.

At many counters, customers can watch chefs prepare dishes on the spot and buy them while they’re still hot. This makes the food on Hang Be street especially attractive.
The most famous dish and has become a trademark of Hang Be market is the dish of shrimp paste with meat. Chopped meat with shrimp paste is a dish from Hang Be that is famous thanks to Hang Be.

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Although this meat dish is not too difficult to make, it only consists of lean meat (loin or shoulder) finely ground and cooked with delicious shrimp paste, but as delicious as Hang Be, few homes can do it, not to mention the very smelly process in the house. in the kitchen, so many people choose to buy here quickly.

When there is no food left at home, just go to Hang Be market to buy a few ounces and mix it with hot rice to have a delicious meal. It’s raining cold or stormy, you don’t have to be bored because shrimp paste with meat is a dish to last for a long time. At Hang Be market, there are more than a dozen shops selling this specialty, prices range from 300-350k/kg, canned with 2-3 ounces for convenient storage or retail in plastic bags.
Hang Be market also has a lot of goods selling all kinds of sausages, spring rolls, etc. are diverse, prices are quite uniform, for example, fried rice nuggets, cinnamon rolls cost 250k/kg, frozen meat 60k – 70k/box of 4-5 taels, pate about approx. 120k/box of 5 ounces, 280k/kg, tenderloin tenderloin 700k/kg, 100k/kg roasted peanuts/salt… In the market there is also a very crowded Ha Long squid cake shop, with a hot frying counter on the spot, the price of squid rolls is 420k/kg and shrimp paste is 150k/box of 3 ounces.
Equally famous in Hang Be market are braised and rimmed dishes such as braised fish and braised pork, braised coconut meat, and rimmed shrimp. Particularly, braised fish in this market always discourages clumsy housewives.

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Even if you buy enough galangal, chili, broth and delicious bacon and fish, it is difficult to store such a special pot of fish. Because the fish here is stocked with a large cast-iron pot of several dozen pounds, stored for tens of hours until the bones are soft, the fish meat is red, firm and thoroughly soaked in salt and fish sauce.
The price of braised fish from other houses is slightly higher, for example, at Nghi Hang’s house, braised carp 250k/kg, braised fish with radish 100k/piece (about 3 ounces/piece), braised sea fish 50k/3 pieces. In addition, there are also shops selling all kinds of dried fish, ready-to-eat dried fish sauce, prices ranging from 250k – 350k/kg, sold in boxes of 2, 3, and 5 ounces prepackaged.
The dishes of braised coconut meat, braised pork, pork ribs, shrimp rim and other prepared dishes at Hang Be market are also extremely eye-catching and diverse.

Like Ms. Trinh’s, Ms. Huyen sells boiled shrimp with meat 500k/kg, braised pork with eggs, braised coconut meat 220k/kg, Nghi Hang’s shop is like a “supermarket” of ready-to-eat food with sweet and sour ribs 300k/kg, khau humiliation 250k/kg, cartilage sausage 250k/kg, boiled ear nose and nose 220k – 250k/kg, lolet leaves 250k/kg, roasted copper shrimp 600k/kg, spring rolls with shrimp and crab 12k/pc, fried beans 10k/6 pieces, fried carp 130k – 160k / piece, there are also stir-fry and soup by day, flexible sale depending on the customer’s choice.
Going to Hang Be market to buy things but skipping the roast dishes is also a waste. Specializing in roasting meat, with a hot and crispy on-site roasting stove at the shop on Gia Ngu street, there are roast chicken dishes 330k/kg, boiled chicken 230k/kg, roast pork 280k/kg, roast pigeon 110k/head, thighs quadrant chicken 70k/thigh.

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