Doja Cat – Woman TikTok Dance Compilation

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  2. The third on was like 2 seconds long 😂

  3. I love the first one because my sister copied the video and post on tik tik and made her account famous

  4. The first gilr she kill the dance how cold she can dance like that wow can’t blive her amazing just guys calp for her

  5. Adiyah Israel

    Tracy killed it

  6. Margie Bethea

    i love tiktok dances,videos,stuff

  7. There adding this to fort

  8. QueenRosé👑

    Bakit nandyan si Sadako🤣🤣🤣 the third one😂😂😂

  9. Black People know how to dance. Noone can dance like them. Maybe south americans

  10. 0:01

  11. the second one I can watch that all day

  12. Yooo-nice-paprika🥰

    The first one……*chef kiss*

  13. kittygoesrawr

    Everyone was awesome but…. Where my plus girls at? ✋😐

  14. Ansha's Direction


  15. the first is original :> i love her

  16. Jordanna Jenner

    Todos la misma coreo???🤔


  18. Everyone talking about the dance and the first girl while me seeing if that's Jennie's top at 7:30

  19. everyone’s talking about the first girl but everyone else was fire too-
    like i’d probably fall over doing it 😂😂

  20. Yıldız Aydın


  21. Tobi and Olive

    Fun fact-The first girl created the dance

  22. The third girl was just amazing ngl

  23. The black ppl did it way better than anyone else sorry its the truth u cant escape reality

  24. 3:05 what the hell is this

  25. The first one is iconic. And she is super cute 🥺😭💜

  26. Mi amor 😩😩

  27. Genesis Viana

    I think I just saw my flicking cuzin

  28. Shaun Wellington

    I love that TikTok

  29. Estela Favero

    Muy sexy

  30. Estela Favero


  31. Black woman reign

  32. جيون ~ كب كيك♡

    4:44 little bit of lisa 😭😭💗💗

  33. Phoebe's unicorn puppies 💜

    I was literally trying to do the dance and you know what once you try it about 3-4 times it's easy

  34. TheDemonUnderUrBed:)

    the first one was a vibe

  35. DoraTheExplora

    Why at 5:18 I thought she was charli d'amelio

  36. Yetzer Sanchez

    En tiktok no saben si no bailar lo mismo siempre 🙄

  37. الله الله على الحلاوه

  38. this is still my fav tiltok dance to this day

  39. 김 자스민 💜

    1st will be forever iconic 🤒😌

  40. _💫milki💫_

    Очень сложный тренд для меня…

  41. The best way for you are your video will show you how excited people will like it

  42. ✨Min TooKie✨

    OMG the 3th was just…OMG 🤧😂