In Today’s vlog we start our Vietnam series in Ho Chi Minh City, formally known as Saigon as we explore some of the nightlife including Bui Vien Walking Street, Ben Than Markets, Nguyen Hue walking street and many great local restaurants.

Filmed June 2022

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Airport Arrival
1:22 Taxi Ride Through Saigon
1:54 Hotel
2:09 Exploring
6:29 Ben Than Market
7:28 Bui Vien Walking Street
8:51 Next Morning
10:24 Saigon by Day
13:48 Our Thoughts On Saigon

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Tiêu đề video: FIRST DAY IN SAIGON, VIETNAM (Ho Chi Minh City)

Độ dài: 00:13:51, Ngày đăng: 2022-06-07 18:03:01

Tác giả: Lloyd & Mandy

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  1. Lloyd & Mandy

    What is your favourite meal in Vietnam!? Let us know what we should try! 🙂

  2. You have to show Phuc long 😀😆

  3. Thanks for sharing this video you guys

  4. You are right, fill with people and the most chaotic place in The World!!

  5. lawrance fang

    Love you guys <3 thank you for coming to Vietnam

  6. Come VN in football day, you will see amazing atmosphese.

  7. Nguyễn khánh linh Phan


  8. You two should visit Da Lat, been to Vietnam twice and I always go there for the lake. This august my wife and I’ll be going to phu quoc and then to Da Lat.

  9. Văn Đông Dương

    welcome to việt nam

  10. Đặng Văn Thành

    Xin chao, Wellcome to Viet Nam !

  11. Rupert Cadell

    I like the scenes with the music sequences.

  12. Thank you so much form posting such a positive video about my home city. Make sure you try the “pho” and “Vietnamese rice cake” when you can. They are absolutely the best.

  13. Jullie komen uit Nederland?

  14. Welcome to my country of South Vietnam (Saigon). Left when I was a kid and haven't been back over 4 decades. Enjoy your time there you two.

  15. phạm mạnh 86 tv

    In saigon ,this season it often rains in the afternoon. Please remember

  16. Cool

  17. Kristen Tonthat

    I’m Vietnamese and have been living in US for a long time. I’ve been watching YouTube quite a lot in last few months because I really wanted to visit Vietnam again sometime this year. Then I saw your videos in Vietnam. Just subscribed recently and love watching your videos.
    Enjoy traveling and stay safe!😊

  18. ❤ you guys.

  19. 👍👍👍

  20. The name of that coffee shop at Minutes mark, 11:16 is hilarious. LOL. But in Vietnamese, it's very common name.

  21. I’m recently retired and now…. I want to see the world ‼️🥂

  22. Joseph Madden

    Big Lloydy

  23. Kevin Man Huynh

    You guy really know how to enjoy. Good place to travel specially in Vietnam. Enjoy guy.


    Have a wonderful trip in Vietnam ♥️

  25. Keyboard Warrior

    welcome Saigon-Hochiminh city 😀

  26. love you

  27. Olivia Bethofort

    Wait till you come to Dalat where you feel like a little French town. Don't miss the ancient town Hoi An, which has been dubbed the Venice of the East and an ideal faraway land – exotic and beautiful. As the moment you step into Hoi An, it feels like a book of ancient fairy tales came to life.

  28. Karno E. Nguyen

    Impressive and liked all your genuine reactions to the City. Keep up the good traveling 👌

  29. Sebastian Roman

    Bullshit i can smell it from her


    Chào mừng các bạn đến Việt nam. Chúc mừng các bạn có chuyến du lịch tràn ngập hạnh phúc

  31. Searching for Sol

    Love following along on your adventures guys x

  32. Just stumbled across your vlog guys. Love it. Subscribed and binge watching your videos now.
    Got to say it Lloyd…you're killing it mate…Mandy's a glamma!
    I'm sure she feels the same.
    Good on you both👍🏽

  33. thank you to you guys posting stuff about my home city. as covid hit i am struggling coming back home to visit. seeing positivity from foreigners coming to my home city and explore how i took my friends from around the world who visit vietnam back in the days. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for explored and enjoy my humble country of Vietnam

  34. you might want to try mien ga Ky Dong

  35. I really like your video. It has been a long time since I have been out and about in Saigon and I live here. You are definitely showing some great spots in HCMC. After lockdown a lot of places closed down. Vietnam took a huge hit so what you saw at Ben Thanh Market was the aftermath of Covid Lockdowns. Hopefully within the next year everything will be back at 100%. Right now I think we are only operating at 50% compared to before. Enjoy your trip!!!

  36. You two couple are Amazing and great personally

  37. hi, very nice.

  38. Hi Lloyd and Mandy,
    I am humble to make friend with you guys, which part of OZ you are living?
    Im Vietnamese-Melburnian….Cheers

  39. Đừng đến Việt Nam,vì đến bạn không muốn về đâu.hihi.🇻🇳❤

  40. be careful with your life,this city too dangerous!

  41. Cambodia is better country