Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners (2022)

A step-by-step guide on how to get started with Google Tag Manager (and install )

If you are working with Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, or other analytics/marketing tracking tools, Google Tag Manager is a must. It lets you manage tracking codes much faster and easier.

If you are not sure how or where to get started, this is exactly what you need. In this 1.5-hour video, I’ll show you how to:
– Create your first container
– Create your first tags in GTM (we’ll use Google Analytics 4)
– How to make sure that your setup works properly
– And how to publish those changes (so that Google Analytics would start measuring your website traffic).
Additionally, some parts of the video will contain a quick introduction to Google Analytics 4 functionality.


00:00 – Intro
00:34 – What is Google Tag Manager?
05:00 – Create an account and container
08:32 – Account overview
12:36 – How to
16:45 – Tags, triggers, and variables
22:10 – Quick introduction to Google Analytics 4
32:07 – Tags. Tracking pageviews with Google Analytics 4
37:59 – Testing tags
48:36 – Publishing tags
53:06 – Implementing custom scripts
55:39 – Quick introduction Google Analytics 4 event tracking
01:03:41 – Triggers
01:11:39 – Event tracking (with GA4)
01:32:14 – What you should do next


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=== LINKS ===

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✭ Chrome Extension: Tag Assistant Companion

✭ Documentation: Automatically tracked events in Google Analytics 4

✭ Documentation: Google Analytics 4 recommended events

✭ Documentation: Enhanced Measurement Events

📕 Free e-book: Getting Started with Google Analytics 4


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    I think that is my problem. It shows the tags fired when I check "container loaded" but once I click on another page, it says "history change" and it does not show a new page or that a tags were fired…

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