Welcome to the third video in our series! In this video, we will be showing you everything to see and do in 48 hours in , VIETNAM!

We are spending 3 weeks in this beautiful country and we are currently in the city of Hanoi! We have been completely submerged in the hustle and bustle of the city. Hanoi has so much to offer and in today’s video, we are going to be taking you around and showing you all of the do not miss, top sights!

Our first stop was the Temple of Literature. There are 5 different courtyards to walk through and admire. and the city has done a lovely job of maintaining the grounds and the perfectly manicured gardens.

We also made stops at the Hoa Lo Prison, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Trúc Bạch Lake, and so much more!

One of our favorite stops was the Hanoi Train street! It’s a tiny narrow street surrounded by high narrow houses packed closely together. These families’ backyards are the railways where the train passes a few times per day. Ask the locals about the train schedule to get there for the best time!

There is so much to see and do in Hanoi! Hopefully, this video will help you plan a wonderful itinerary in this beautiful city!

Don’t miss next week when we check off a bucket list item and cruise Ha Long Bay!

— Sammy and Tommy
Filmed February 2020
Episode 096 | Hanoi, Vietnam
#HanoiTravelGuide #Vietnam #Hanoi #HanoiVietnam
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00:00 Intro
01:25 Pho
03:25 Temple of Literature – 1
05:20 Coffee
06:40 Hoa Lo Prison – 2
08:50 Cheers
11:21 Train Street -3
13:33 Mausoleum – 4
19:05 Quan Thanh Temple – 5
19:45 Trúc Bạch Lake – 6
21:02 Tran Quoc Temple – 7
21:50 Train Street Round 2
22:00 St. Joseph’s Cathedral – 8
22:11 Hoan Kiem Lake – 9
23:56 Phung Hung Mural Street – 10

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Độ dài: 00:24:48, Ngày đăng: 2022-04-24 18:00:07

Tác giả: Sammy and Tommy

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwj-1whHfTI

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  1. As a Vietnamese student who lives abroad, I watch a ton of Vietnam travel vlogs to cope with homesickness and this series is hands down one of the best (if not the best) that I've seen! The production was amazing, you did a great job capturing even the small details which together constituted very accurately the vibe of Hanoi. The editing was super clean, great narrative and the whole tour seemed to be very well planned, plus you were also very respectful to the culture and the people ❤️ Seeing you getting instantly hooked to the food and slowly but obviously addicted to the coffee was so funny and cute! Hope you had a great time here!

  2. If Sammy and Tommy lived when ho shi min was still alive they would not look so happy.he completely destroyed country hundreds thousands people died because of him and you visited his memorial like nothing happens. Shame on you bunch of liers

  3. McCain was a Traitor

  4. You seen nothing

    Do you Thank you Sammy and Tommy for a those great videos in Vietnam!! Do you know any update regards to 60 or 90 days visa?

  5. Hồng Nguyễn Sơn

    Chúc 2 bạn có thời gian vui vẻ tại đất nước tôi!

  6. Thể Thao và Tổ Quốc

    As long as Vietnam is still ruled by the oppressive and exploitive Communist regime, her potential remains greatly diminished. For any 1% that wants to stay, 99% of the population wants to get out, and many have risked their lives doing just that (for example, 39 doomed lives found in UK container truck recently on the news, and that's only what's been reported), unfortunately. Yet another shocking and also recent example is that during the Covid pandemic when almost all countries assisted their citizens with financial aids in one form or another, the corrupt and murderous Vietnamese Commie regime saw it just as another opportunity not to help but to exploit its ruled citizens even more, essentially making money over the corpses of its citizens by presumably killing at least 30-50K of them, due to grossly misdiagnoses and being thrown into barbwired unhygenic living quarters for isolation, so that they had to sleep on concrete floor, even next to filled trashcans, with inadequate toilet, food, water, or medicine, like animals (searching hard enough, one is able to see shocking video clips on Facebook though the regime tried hard to crack down the leaks by Vietnamese citizen journalists), with the fake nostril Covid test kits, mislabeled as approved by World Health Organization (WHO) in Việt Á scandal, colluded by at least 4 different government agencies (Y Tế , Khoa Học, Công Nghệ, Quân y) and the top Politburo members, including Nguyễn Phú Trọng, Phạm Minh Chính, Nguyễn Xuân Phúc. Murderous Vietnamese Commie regime even had a thug murdered Christian pastor Giuse Trần Ngọc Thanh, like it has done with many other pastors across the nation. There is a reason why the current Commie Vietnam ranks at the bottom of the world in freedom of speech, (true) freedom of religion, and freedom of the press, barely above Commie China and Commie North Korea. There is no true freedom of religion in Commie Vietnam, as this corrupt Vietnamese Commie regime only authorized the fake organizations headed by Commie monks, many of whom were Commie Party officials, and those religious organizations not approved to be infiltrated by them or headed by their Commie agents are accused of malicious and nonexistent crimes and banned, with innocent religious leaders arrested and jailed, as in the recent case with Thiền Am Bên Bờ Vũ Trụ, a harmless Buddhist meditation monastery, for simply having many followers (hence, more influences that the regime fears it can't control) than the Commie Party's officially approved ones. Similarly, its passport ranks at the bottom, 89th out of 111 countries for a reason, barely above North Korea 104th rank. even below many African nations. For comparison, South Korea is at 2nd rank. That's what Republic of South Vietnam would have likely been ranked among at least the top 10 had it not been invaded and occupied by the North Vietnamese Commie terrorists, aided by Commie Soviet and Commie China. Search "cuop dat dan" (meaning "land-robbing of citizens") to see millions of footages across the country from North to South, spanning for decades, dated back to Ho Chi Minh's bloody land reform 1953-1956 that killed nearly 1 million North Vietnamese in only 4 years, or 250K people brutally slaughtered in torturous painful deaths (like being shot, stabbed, mutilated while being alive, or heads being plowed over by water buffaloes while bodies being buried underground) each year on average to rob their lands and homes. Even today, if the rightful owners refuse to have their homes or lands robbed, the ruthless Vietnamese Commie terrorist regime simply jail or massacre them, have tractors run over their bodies or openly assassinate them in their own homes. When it comes to robbing, these barbarian Vietnamese Commie bandits even prey on each other, just as the recent case with then 84-year-old Mr. Lê Đình Kình, a 55-year-Commie Party veteran from Dong Tam, near Hanoi, that got shot dead at 3am in his own home by the Vietnamese Commie terrorist regime. When his wife Mrs. Dư Thị Thành refused to lie about the incident as ordered, the Vietnamese Commie terrorist police brutally tortured her (see more details from "dandongtam" on Facebook). The corrupt Vietnamese Commie government officials routinely dine on lavish gold-plated Salt Bae steak $100K per meal with blood money not just from taxpayers but also from robbed-lands and robbed homes recently drew international condemnations, while many Vietnamese citizens, including elderlies in their 60's and 70's as well as kids as young as 6's to 16's selling lottery tickets on the streets to survive on $2-3 per day.

    Travelers to Vietnam in her current form (not at all like this before the Communists took over) should keep this in mind. Behind the beauty of the land and smiling faces at popular tourist destinations, there are a lot of darkness and tears, bloods, sweats, sorrow, horror, and sufferings all over the country.

  7. Phần đầu video bạn nói : " lại một ngày Buồn và chán tại Việt Nam ? Tại sao ??

  8. Hoàng Mạnh

    coffee viet nam is the best


    Beautiful place you got there!👏👏👏
    Tommy, how spicy you tolerate on a scale from 1 to 10 ?

  10. Fly in my life


  11. Minh Khue Trinh Dang

    Saw someone comment as a Vietnamese student who's studying abroad, I still have to say: thank you guys for making this video and loving our city! For 2 years, I couldn't come back home and the homesickness is really killing me. But watching a video like yours, I can feel like home, again. Wishing you guys all the best and keep loving our city, our country ❤️

  12. amazing filming video, omg i love it and cant wait to seee more video, subcribe !!
    the scene, the color, the bgm, woah

  13. Phuong Nguyen

    Are you planning to visit SaiGon? I’m looking forward to more of your videos in Vietnam 👍🥰

  14. bikubi Nguyễn

    chỉ những người thất nghiệp , lấy tiền trợ cấp chính phủ mới chịu qua vn du lịch , roi làm video nịnh bợ đít vn để kiếm tiền qua youtub , còn ng giàu ở mỹ chả thèm qua vn chơi đâu .

  15. That 100 dollars you picking up, it's the money for the death, it said that the money is scatted this fake money to lead soul to their hometown, if you pick it up, the soul might misdirection and will following you and stay in your home.

    And yeah, the museum, It always feel so sad every times I when back there, but now, the only left about French is culture, architecture and cuisine, which been root down so deep and become what define people of HaNoi. We proud about it.

  16. Any plans to visit Korea sometime in the future?

  17. Quang Thiều Duy

    Nếu bạn làm nhiều video hơn nữa về Việt Nam, tôi đảm bảo rằng bạn sẽ đạt được 50.000 subscribe.

  18. Quang Thiều Duy

    Thật vinh dự nếu bạn quảng bá nhiều hơn hình ảnh con người Việt Nam tới toàn thể bạn bè trên thế giới.

  19. Quang Thiều Duy

    Cảm ơn Sammy và Tommy vì đã đem lại những thước phim hay và ý nghĩa về con người và đất nước Việt Nam

  20. Quang Thiều Duy

    tôi rất vui vì bạn đã dành tình cảm với con người Việt Nam.

  21. Quang Thiều Duy

    Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều, tôi tự hào vì mình là người Việt Nam.

  22. Quang Thiều Duy

    Thank you very much, I am Vietnamese. You know, Vietnam has a lot of beautiful scenes, if you have time, visit all the cities of Vietnam because it all has its own beauty.

  23. BattleBrick Games

    Hoa Lo prison will always be the place where i will shed tears whenever i visit.

  24. I am a Vietnamese and currently residing in Santiago, Chile :). This vid makes me miss Hanoi. Enjoy your trip.

  25. I love the traditional pointy round hats.

  26. It’s not donut lol


    Cảm ơn bạn đã làm video về đất nước chúng tôi. Chúc kênh của bạn ngày càng phát triển 😊😊😊

  28. Tuấn Anh Lê

    Nice shot film ❤️

  29. Murugan Rajesh

    Best in class video 👏 .. Next level cinematography. It's feels like watching a beautiful Chinese documentary.. well done keep it up

  30. Miss home. Lovely video, thank you!

    Without getting too political, can't ever see myself going back. This country is my equivalent to modern day Ukraine.
    Lost a country but gained freedom in America.

    Daniel/ ductri
    Bay area

  31. Xin chào :))

  32. Jason Worldwide

    At the latest, 2019. Wth are you guys doing…all the fake views and comments. Sad…

  33. Man you Americans are so arrogant. It's not a to commemorate John McCain. It's celebrating Vietnamese shooting down and capturing a famous US soldier who was dropping bombs on their people.

  34. Hoa Lo Prison or Hanoi Hilton has an interesting marketing team. They are quite close to young people, doing a lot better than other state tourist attractions.

  35. I love this Vietnam series

  36. Enjoy n be safe y’all