How To Launch A Dropshipping Product | TikTok Ads Testing Blueprint (A-Z Walkthrough)

How To Launch A Dropshipping Product | Ads Testing Blueprint (A-Z Walkthrough)

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The testing phase of dropshipping products can be confusing so in this , I will go over exactly how I am testing products on TikTok. You will learn the campaign structure needed to actually figure out if a product is worth scaling or not. TikTok is a lot more affordable than Facebook, you can see results very quick and it is a great platform for scaling quickly.

There are many new things still coming out on TikTok’s ad platform, so keep in mind my strategies and everything will be changing to keep up with the new updates that come out. As of now, this is how I was able to validate a dropshipping product and then scale it to $7K/day in just 5 days.
If this video gets 300 likes, I will post a video exposing some of my creatives and also showing you exactly how to make good TikTok ad creatives.

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  1. Definitely go over making and editing tiktok creatives if possible in a new vid!

  2. Christian Pichler

    Cool Video, but a bit of a shame that you only showed screenshots on shopify. I don’t want to say that I think the numbers are fake, but I think you know what I mean Sebastian

  3. Corto Stergard

    Thanks for the video. Maybe next week you can show a real example of a campaign (of course without revealing the product). It will bring more value. Thanks again!

  4. Matthew Martinez

    So its 1 campaign per product test? If so why the 3 separate ad groups inside, if they are all the same? Great video tho ??

  5. Doguukan Degirmenci

    So this 3.77k a day isn't with $60 adspend right? I would like to know how much you spent in adspend. I gave the video a like!

  6. memes For all

    Sebastian it Reached 300 likess about to be 400 , do one about how to do creatives and tips about that man. Tankk you againnnn man , may God reward you even with more … Guys LETS TAKE ACTIONSSSSSSS

  7. You plugged it bro currently I’m broke asf but I’m getting my shit straight so imma book a call and run these products through TikTok

  8. how much did u spend to make it

  9. Gray Randølph

    Amazing video bro, thank you! Do you still use CJ for testing?

  10. while testing at the beginning , where do u ship from ? and when u validate that it's working ?

  11. What is the successful product rate? How many products you have to test befor find winner?

  12. Pavle Nikolić

    Make a video on creatives & scailing. That would be very helpful

  13. When you gonna show how to scale.

  14. why you capping bro whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  15. total cap

  16. awesome video, now we need to know about scaling the adssss

  17. Always dropping gold brother, looking forward to your next video!

  18. Damn it just sucks to go through the whole process of building a store and everything only for it to not sell

  19. Glad your healthy again, great plant, great video and would definitely like to see a video about your creatives and how you scale. Thanks

  20. Great value, nice job. Love how you can test on a budget w tiktok.

  21. How much do you spend per product before you kill it?

  22. Addicted Hype

    been debating whether transferring my product to a one product store or just keeping it on the general store but making a nice landing page for the product once Im done testing and have a winner. Have you noticed anything significantly better about moving the product to a new shopify store?

  23. Hey Sebastian, it would be key to create a discord server to find synergies and be able to help each other when we have any questions. Let's see what you think of the idea 😉

  24. Do you turn comments off?

  25. can i download video from someone from tiktok and make it in tiktok ads ??

  26. Thanks for the video man! I would love to have another video about creatives for TikTok! Let’s get this 300 likes!!!

  27. How do you streamline the ad content? I see ugc works best but don’t wanna order every product…

  28. Mohamed Barry

    Is there a specific time you prefer to launch your tiktok ads or does it not matter?

  29. Carmelo Iverson

    Thanks for the value! Im waiting for the creative strategies :)))

  30. Awesome video, so you find a product, create a quick product page on your general store, use existing content from TikTok, launch the ads and if the results are good, then you create your own creatives and transition to a niche store or OPS. The testing process should take like 1h

  31. How much are you spending on day 1 of scaling?

  32. thank's for the tips brooo <3 we like this kind of content !

  33. di you just target usa while testing?

  34. Great video Seb, love your content!

  35. Trending Products Discount

    Yeah we would love a video on creatives

  36. Lmao show live results, not screenshots… everyone can make fake screenshot

  37. Next video on how to make a creative for tiktok to validate the product, without own UGC content.

  38. I found a winning product on my general store and now I have transitioned it into a one product store, I still wanna test loads of products. Do you recommend creating another general store?