I Recreated The DUMBEST Yoyo Tricks On Tik tok

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  1. The Brandon Vu

    Y'all wanna pick up a yoyo? https://www.offsetyoyo.com/
    OUTLIER 2 and Variants available for preorder 😉

  2. ngl now you owe me a carrot

  3. Shanelle Bakes

    The 2nd trick is funny lol

  4. Neo Schieldon Reglos

    You should try the magic yoyo k2p crystal yoyo or the magic yoyo yo3 herzts or both 😁

  5. Bruhh trick 4 is the funniest

  6. wait wasn't that you

  7. Why inferno on the first trick

  8. Hi


    My yoyo like a 50 knot

  10. Can anyone help me, my yoyo is starting to get responsive even though it's a unresponsive yoyo. PLEASE i want to do tricks

  11. 2:49 ok y gosh oh m- I’m doing it

  12. Your videos are so insane

  13. “Why is mine smaller”

  14. Cute melon😚✨

    I just laughed so hard when he did his own video🤣

  15. The wages Brandon said the guy in the video makes it seem difficult but has really you in the video

  16. Yo why does Brandon look like me but My skin is darker

  17. These are some great vids your making
    Keep up the great work

  18. Aidan bergstraser

    "featuring himself"

  19. 🎨♣️🎲🪁🛷🦄🥬🌐🎄do this

  20. Fullauto flips

    That does not look like a carrot it looks sussy

  21. J

  22. I do yo yo play with good

  23. "whys mine smaller"
    That got me laughing so hard

  24. jennyfer morales

    they are soo much money

  25. why is the carrot so jigly

  26. 2:00 why do be he looking weird

  27. mcchicken From the 1 dollar menu

    1:20 lolol why is mine smaller

  28. Do the dna with your toe 🧬

  29. Do a dna with a coke bottle

  30. try and do a DNA with a eraser yoyo

  31. I love cats and I love dogs

    Some of the tricks are his


    do around the world with your biggest yoyo

  33. ☕︎︎ smallsleepypotato ♉︎

    How the heck do you have more followers on TickTock then YouTube-

  34. hey brandon! i ordered a outliner 2 and i got an email that it arrived and it wasnt on my front door im nicholas sanchez btw

  35. Donovangaming gd

    Nice video Brandon 👍