LISA – 'MONEY' Dance Tutorial | Chorus + Dance Break | Mirrored + SLOW MUSIC



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00:00 Chorus 0.5x speed
01:29 Chorus 0.75x speed
02:24 Chorus 1x speed
03:07 Dance Break 0.5x speed
04:18 Dance Break 0.75x speed
05:07 Dance Break 1x speed
05:45 Chorus + Dance Break 1x speed

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  1. Serena Reynolds

    Yessss I love this!!! I was hoping we're get a MONEY tutorial! Excited for a possible Key dance cover with his new album out too ♥

  2. Please, you can make a full tutorial, I will be very grateful ??????

  3. dayang adriana

    do i follow her or the mirror one??

  4. Yeahhhhhh

  5. Pls give this man a therapist

    Gurl your insane!!!

  6. Hsusgsh Usgsbs

    Your down site dress what the name your dress please reply

  7. Nama celananya apa si , beli dimana ?? Mau soalnya

  8. Why is this so perfect

  9. Its Alyssa Official

    I'll wait for the swipe itzy tutorial❤️

  10. beli celana dimanakakkk

  11. please city girl by jeongwoo & junghwan treasure

  12. what's the pant's name?

  13. I admire you for ur talent ?? can you the ygx eat you up + better next?? ?

  14. Razhel Buenaflor

    Can i request a dance tutorial for Mixed Up of Enhypen and TxT Magic Thank you♥️♥️

  15. Sofía Caviedes

    Owww me ayudó muchoooo. ¡thanks!

  16. Paula García Castillo

    Please do Deja Vu by ateez!

  17. Hello Iam an army but Iam also an blink I love ur dance tnq for this video it is really helpful ????✨

  18. You deserve more followers your moves are so celar

  19. Meena Adhikari

    Kathleen please do Stray kids Domino pleaseeee

  20. Tenzin Nordon Yangru

    Thanks for dancing slow sis I got it how to dance thank you ??

  21. Can you do dance surfin from leeknow, changbin and felix skz pleasee ??

  22. Joshua Mabilin


  23. 楤 —e u p h o r i a

    ¡I'm in love with your tutorials!

  24. l learned it in just one day Thank
    you lt s all thanks to you ?

  25. Cool!

  26. Thank you so much

  27. September Hope Constantino

    Hello I have been learning from you. Can I have a request? please do ATEEZ Deja Vu please thank youuuu

  28. Bast' Jakkapat


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  30. multitrash fangurl


  31. Wow great job you're a great dancer
    Best of luck keep on dancing

  32. There's no possible way I'll ever learn this dance and I truly admire you for what you do.

  33. Bubble Tea Boba Milk

    Apakah, Kathleen magic, dia undur ke belakang tanpa dia ingat di mna tempat dia berdiri tadi, hahahaha lawak ohh

  34. believe, Shine

    Can someone reply to me if it is okay to learn a dance because I have some kind of this thing called vulvodynia should I wait till my down there heals?

  35. guys I learned a tutorial from here and it was so good but I look like an idiot while dancing does anyone have any advices?? <//3

  36. ty for this^^

  37. Daniela Alvarez

    Ateez deja vu plsss

  38. Thank youuuu unnie ı love youu?❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. WAW ?????? LOVE love you

  40. Ok but her outfit it's so beautiful. I love to wear outfits like these but i can't bcz of my family ?

  41. ?sunflower?

    Can you do LOCA from TRIBE please

  42. I waiteeeeed for this~

  43. Sirine Ibnrass

    Good gob

  44. Elaisha Solana

    I love her pants, where can we buy this? Or what pants is it? If you know pls tell me, thank you so much:D

  45. Guurl thanks for uploading lalisa tutorial ! I’ve uploaded LALISA short tiktok dance cover bc of u? hope u also check it out? kamsahamnida!

  46. pls, dance break video explained :'(((

  47. Shawn lawrence Estreller

    Lisa's money performance video was just released a day ago in the morning and you upload this tutorial 6 hrs ago how the hell did you learned it for only hours?! Such a veteran dancer applause applause ??