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Viet Farm Cooking – Making Healthy Vietnamese Food
Cooking Delicious Balinese Food

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Olympus Camera
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Travel tripod

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DJ Grumble
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Độ dài: 00:15:31, Ngày đăng: 2017-03-11 23:30:00

Tác giả: CupofTJ

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    I’m traveling somewhere with terrible internet flips table and finally after days I found some wifi :’) this took hours and hours to upload. SOOOO glad it’s up! I have a ton of vlogs backed up – they will be uploaded one after another and as fast as this snail wifi can go!

    Pray to the internet gods that they help get these videos up. Miss you all dearly & ty for checking in again. How’s it going where you are?

  2. Cyroz Portucela

    Hello! Great cooking video! you're such amazing!

  3. Fresh

  4. I like sping rolls

  5. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ one of the best food videos!!

  6. Life Discoveries

    Pho look so different of what we have in the US, but everything look so delicious!

  7. I'm in Vietnam at the moment and it's safe to say all pho's are not equal!!!
    Avoid tourist traps if possible and eat with the locals. You won't regret it!!!!!


  9. Shaneé Townsend

    Ha ha ha! “I ate it all.” I literally laughed out loud. That’s what I would have done 😂

  10. Первый Хоррор Канал

    Hello! Nice recipe!

  11. Be careful with Vietnamese street food.. it is mostly loaded with the Drug (fake flavor enhancer) MSG (E-621)=

  12. Get A Life Pet Rescue

    LMAO! "I ate it all!" WOW!

  13. Angels-do-Exist

    Looks so yummy~~

  14. Cool Video! We just moved to Hoi An, loving it so far after three weeks. You can check out our experiences on our channel TheTravelingDukes

  15. Nice vid!

  16. love ur energy and ur channel ur a sweetheart love u subscribed for life

  17. maria contreras

    Yummy 😋

  18. Thireindar Min

    visit Myanmar too pls! 🙂

  19. my fav pho, want to learn how to cook it, and everything like fresh spring roll all viet food so healthy and fresh

  20. Dogs being kidnapped and cooked.

  21. Marcel Buchanan

    CupofTJ is definitely one of my top 3 traveling vlogs. I get inspired every time i watch an episode. Much love.

  22. Is that the chef's version of Pho? I noticed a few common ingredients missing, such as tendon. But anyway looks great! 👍😎

  23. good job.. but bad n.. job

  24. KeepRolling1000

    Love the song by Andrew applepie – Unbreakable spirit, more songs like that TJ if you have some more.

  25. its Hoi An, not HUE An

  26. love the video love the music love the food

  27. What is that song??

  28. Richard Lefebure

    sound like a cat wowwwwwwwwwww.

  29. Would you be able to do a cooking class on authentic bahn cuon too ? Thanks

  30. creative Cooke عالم نوال

    I like u job😍👍

  31. Christopher Ontiveros

    What are the crumbles chef is adding to Phó at the end and also in the moneybags mixxx!?!?!?

  32. Eugene Cooper Jr


  33. The way u moan, eating…… OMG 😲

  34. Hi cutie!

  35. Now I'm craving phooooo 💕

  36. Awesome vlog !!!You will be on the travel channel or food network soon !!!!

  37. white basil seeds wooohooo good

  38. TheEagerManiac

    Pho-nominal … how good is pho. I would travel to Vietnam just for the pho. After watching many of your videos I am curious what your background is. I am guessing chinese american

  39. why are you playing black music in a viet video? the two just dont seem to mix well.

  40. Monica Manibusan

    Actually, I got the name