Masquerade X Miss The Rage *EASY TIKTOK TUTORIAL STEP BY STEP EXPLANATION* How To Do Tiktok Tutting

In this i will be teaching you guys (MTR) Dance tutorial. This will help you to grow your Tiktok Account and will help you to come on FOR YOU page. I hope this step by step tutorial will really help you to Grow better. Creator Dc

0:00 Intro
0:01 Tiktok with the Music
0:23 #STEP 1
2:00 #STEP 2
4:37 Slow Music From The Top
5:08 Slow Speed 50x
5:28 #STEP 3
8:40 Slow Speed 50x
9:10 #STEP 5
11:49 Slow Speed 50x
12:40 Slow Speed 60x
13:28 Slow Speed 70x
14:08 Slow Speed 85x
14:41 Tiktok with the Music

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