Most Beautiful City in Vietnam | Exploring Hoi An – The City of Lanterns

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Our final expeditions episode is here 🙁 we have arrived in our last spot – Hoi An. Here we spent a few days exploring one of the most beautiful cities here in Vietnam – also known as the .

After doing the Hai Van Pass from Hue down to Hoi Ann (absolutely stunning by the way) we checked into our hotel and headed out to explore the city.

First stop was picking up group hats, before going out onto the river to celebrate the that takes place every full moon.

The next day we were on the hunt for some local dishes – we tried the famous Banh Mi and coconut coffee.

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On our second last day we held a workshop day with everyone on the expeditions, teaching them everything we know about running a successful YouTube channel, travelling full time and how we started doing this.

On our final day we headed out onto the rice fields by bikes before stopping off at a local farm to learn how the majority of the population of Vietnam works and lives, before learning how to cook our own Vietnam pancakes.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this trip unforgettable 🙂

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  1. It's amazing that you can go there. I'm Vietnamese but I've never been to Hoi An

  2. hello everyone i'm vietnamese

  3. Vita Spoon - Vietnam

    No-one is talking about how cool it is that every visitor has to have a tour guide.

  4. Great video guys…but I need to make a simple correction. Hue is pronounced "Huway", not the way you pronounce it. Enjoy. My country is a beautiful country.

  5. My world gets better with your videos
    Love to both Jess and Stephen
    And yupp the little princess she is all to my hearts
    God bless her with happiness and smiles 💚

  6. Bradley Hutton

    What a waste. Go over and live and eat with the locals. Better food and way better experience. The amount they paid for 1 night at the resort you could spend 5 nights at a family stay and ate and drank as much as you like where ever you liked.

  7. Adrianna Cabrera

    I would love to travel with you guys and though you guys because you guys are an amazing couple ❤️❤️

  8. Pictures I took in 2016 when I visited Hoi An

    Phố Cổ Hội An – Tỉnh Quảng Nam

  9. Apologies if this is referenced somewhere but what time of year did you go to Vietnam? Love these vlogs! We were supposed to go to Vietnam from the UK at the start of this year but got cancelled, would love to go a later date. Thanks for all your tips on travelling around 💗

  10. Swati Mehrotra

    We would love to join you for next trip and it shall be in 2021 with Carona changing our lives. We will love to extend our help with Hunter sweetheart too. Our son is much older 9yrs so it shall be total funn for all of us. We travel as ease and not hurry around too much so shall love to join ya

  11. such nice i love video..

  12. Hayley Rackham

    my fav city love Hoian

  13. InfinityOrchid

    Wow..amazing and looks fun!

  14. As a vietnamese, i cant be prouder seeing my homeland in the eyes of a foreigner. glad you love hoian as much as i do

  15. Om Gundala Putra Bala

    I've been to Hoi An too, cheers from Indonesia, we have Hoi An video too but in Bahasa😀

  16. I love watching your travel vlogs! You guys are such a cute & positive couple ☺

  17. Đinh Quang Nhật

    Thank you so much for sharing our beauty to the world!

  18. Walkers Wanderlust

    I am going in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to vlog it. I am half Vietnamese.. btw banh mi – just means bread.

  19. Hey guys, really enjoy your travels! You mention the workshop, but could you discuss your credit card system a bit? What cards you use for travel, hotel loyalty, etc? Thanks!

  20. her pronunciation of Hue…my ears are bleeding

  21. Great video! Thank for sharing your interest in Vietnam's beauty. <3

  22. Vietnam Mainly influenced by Chinese ,
    French got couple things that was influences.

  23. last time you saw us we were exploring the beautiful city of Hue

  24. Elizabeth Bull

    hey did you guys have vegetarian banh mi or did it also have meat ?

  25. Melissa Scott

    This is so random but I miss your hair short. I'd love to see a video of you getting a cultural makeover if you ever decide to cut your hair again! (haircut, spa) love yall so much

  26. We don’t flip package… it’s just for show

  27. "hew" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Mishiko Dvalishvili

    I like mountains. And beautiful streets, and good sandwich. I like villages. I like it. I can not explane this. Do you like this place

  29. რა ტი ივანიაძე

    how does cost this hats