Own Brand Freestyle *EASY TIKTOK TUTORIAL STEP BY STEP EXPLANATION* I ain’t ever been with a baddie

In this i will be teaching you guys Own Brand Freestyle (Own Brand Freestyle (feat. Dreya Mac & Finch Fetti) ) Dance tutorial. This will help you to grow your Tiktok Account and will help you to come on FOR YOU page. I hope this step by step tutorial will really help you to Grow better. Creator Dc @dreyamac

0:00 Intro
0:01 Tiktok with the Music
0:15 #STEP 1
1:30 Slow Music From The Top
1:52 #STEP 2
4:47 Slow Music From The Top
5:14 Once Again Slow Music
5:50 #STEP 3
7:07 Slow Speed 50x
7:50 Slow Speed 60x
8:24 Slow Speed 80x
8:50 Tiktok with the Music

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  1. Jesus Christ loves you 🥺

  2. Your steps are perfect with hilarious and easy explanation 😄

  3. why is this guy so funny had fan while trying to dance this

  4. My said he had tik tok terets in the intro . 😂

  5. jaida balesteri

    No babies no babies 😂😂

  6. "We don't want the babies" & every lyric he tried to repeat 🤣 This mans dedicated, how can you dislike this video?! Flowers given⚘

  7. “Pretend like you’re starving” I thought it was hilarious 😆

  8. Love the video! Thank you!

  9. Thank you!! This was soo helpful. The "no babies" part killed me 🤣

  10. u got yourself a new follower !

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  12. who tf would dislike this video? you are the best teacher ever

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    I love this thank you😥‼‼

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    Ooooh you're a great teacher🤩🤩

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  17. I love this Guy

  18. God and Jesus love you! Turn to the lords!

    God and Jesus love you

  19. Hey thx for making dance tutorials

    For us thx u soon much
    I have ha humble request …
    Plz make dance tutorial on Snehidhane X in my bed cover by sonali bandurria plz plz make it soon 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


    Pls do juguna

  21. You always make things look so easy 😍❤️👌

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