The Best Vietnamese Food in Hoi An, Vietnam. HANDS DOWN

food in Central is simply the best. Hoi An isn’t known for it’s culinary excellence compared to Da Nang or Hue, but there are a few amazing eateries and food you can try. This happened to be my favorite place because I’ve eaten here twice and each time within a six month period, it has been very consistent. The dishes I ate included shredded chicken rice, cao lau noodles, tiny clams called hen, banh vac, and banh dap.
Everything is such a speciality and localized to Hoi An. Great Meal.
I really recommend you visiting this place located at

05 Nguyen Hoang, which is that street that sells a bunch of lanterns on the other side of Hoi An across from the Japanese Bridge.

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Tiêu đề video: The Best Vietnamese Food in Hoi An, Vietnam. HANDS DOWN

Độ dài: 00:09:23, Ngày đăng: 2015-02-01 21:41:20

Tác giả: Kyle Le Dot Net

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  1. For anyone watching: this video is 4 years old and this restaurant is now gone. I went to this road today looking forward to good food. It is now an extremely busy street (as busy as Hoi An Old Town itself) and this restaurant has either been replaced or rebranded, catering for tourists with not a local in sight. And the food was bland. Otherwise nice video. The dude is right: go to cheaper local places outside of the touristy areas and the food is just as good!

  2. Leonard Pearlman

    Just seeing this now for the first time, after seeing your appearance on BEFR show. Here we have a little more depth, a little more philosophical, not as silly. Maybe better food! I'm slowly getting the impression that there are places in Vietnam where you could spend weeks just getting to know what's good on one street, even one alley! We have nothing remotely like this in the US, much less do we want to walk around at night! I am overcome with envy, and also I like the Vietnamese food and snacks we have here in the states, and can barely imagine what we're seeing here!

  3. Cool Video! We just moved to Hoi An, loving it so far after three weeks. you can check out our experiences on our channel TheTravelingDukes

  4. Jesus what's the name of the place. Put the address in and it's 300 miles away. Would love to go here but I've got no idea where it is even after watching the guide and reading the description.

  5. In Hoi An right now. The restaurant closed down. The owner sold the building!

  6. This restaurant no long is in business!

  7. What's the name of the restaurant please

  8. I ate at this restaurant serving com ga. They wanted to charge me 65000 vnd for my com ga and coconut though the menu and signages showed 30000 each (60000 both). Then they returned me 20000 when I gave 200000. Please check you bill and your change if you do go there.


    so yummy

  10. man it's got to be good to keep eating after a hair…

  11. I will try and find this Street side restaurant, thanks for posting

  12. Went here last night, best most memorable meal in over a week in central Vietnam, everything was excellent! The Banh Dap was really really good, so interesting. Talked to the owner and mentioned Kyle, she was very pleasant.

  13. theubermensche1

    Hey dude, I know i can find this info on the internnet but i thought i'd ask someone who i trust. What's the weather like in October in Vietnam? North and south? PLanning a trip now and definitely gonna try out all the places you recommend but was wondering what theweather is gonna be like

  14. sweetpuppy120489

    Was brought here by your newest Hoi An video! So true that fancy places does not mean best food at all.

  15. Kim Travel & Food

    I wish i watch this before I"m shop by Hoi An on Dec 2015..I was eat the bad foods in the Hotel in Hoi An.

  16. 长得有点难看

  17. Do us a favour and stop carrying on…just eat and say you like it, or you dont

  18. lol one of my fav videos so far Kyle! Love your honesty and your F it attitude! Fun to watch! Keep it up brother!

  19. can you write name of that place in English for me please.

  20. looks great. Thinking of visiting next February for a week or so. Can you give an idea of cost of what you eat and drink please.

  21. look good, but the hair you said !!!!!!! Hummmm???

  22. The foods look appetizing

  23. "What the hell IS that?"

  24. The Yellow Rice looks the same like Indo Yellow
    Cone Rice. However, I think it's lighter in the way of flavor

  25. "Hoi An chicken and rice" is my new favourite Vietnamese dish: and this is coming from someone who usually doesn't even like Vietnamese food!
    Too bad it's rare to find in restaurants (my fave Vietnamese restaurant in Ottawa, Canada, just took it off their menu last year), so I've been having to make it at home.

  26. you look so funny at the time you found the hair =)))))

  27. You are a legend for doing these awesome videos….Fucking love that place!

  28. Why didn't you edit out the hair in you noodles? :-/

  29. Carl Hedinger

    "Fancy places aren't always the best." Totally agree. Headed to Danang tomorrow and will be on the lookout for this place when we go to Hoi An. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Christophe Tra

    Love your videos, but you eat so messy :S