TikTok TRICKS For Getting More Likes & Followers *2020*

In today’s video, we learn how to increase likes, comments, and shares on your videos to gain more followers in 2020 and beyond. Getting more engagement on your account is a fairly simples process to figure out if you follow the TikTok tips and tricks outlined in this video.

In this video tutorial, I teach you 5 different ways you can use to acquire more views and comments in your TikTok videos with the ultimate goal of helping you skyrocket your tiktok account authority FAST in 2020 and go from to 0-100k followers on tiktok with ease.

If you want to know how to get organically, how to grow followers, or how to get TikTok famous with the 2020 May/June tiktok algorithm in mind to positively surge your tiktok growth, then this video is the perfect tutorial for you! Enjoy. 😉


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3:19 Niching Your Hashtags
5:30 Prompting Active Video Participation
7:03 Requesting Engagement
8:31 Cross Promoting
9:20 Building Community

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2nd Camera:
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Main Lens:
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  1. Thanks for watching! I've been very excited about this video for a while now as I truly do believe these tactics are undervalued by most creators on the platform. Use them and keep me updated on your progress below! Feel free to message me over on Instagram (@thejosephtodd) for any questions or specific video requests.

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  28. Thank you Joseph! Appreciated the various points and made some basic notes for me e.g. reminders to use niche hashtags to hopefully boost the chances of getting videos not just in front of people in general but people who are hopefully going to more likely feel like watching the videos you post so fingers crossed! Also appreciated among others you mentioning the idea of keeping tabs on some of your favourite three to five or so people in your field! Raza =) @razamagic

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  33. Growing on Tik tok is like pulling shit out of a rocking horse
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    I put in niche hashtags and all.

    200 views, 1 comment… (of a friend) lol

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